About Acrotech : One Location, Multiple Services

andy-oliverOur manufacturing process involves casting and compression molding of K•Prene® urethane. This means Acrotech Inc. can produce parts cost effectively, compared to machining or injection molding. Acrotech Inc.’s stocked products include several industry-specific parts in addition to sheets, round rods, bars, Versa Rolls™ and several styles of bumpers. These items are stocked in 6 different durometers/hardnesses in a variety of sizes. We also offer custom molding of K•Prene® urethane; including mold construction, production of metal inserts and secondary machining.

The casting process of polyurethane allows Acrotech to cost-effectively produce part volumes ranging from one to one hundred thousand, and can range in size from less than a cubic inch to over 400 pounds!

Andy Oliver – President Acrotech, Inc