Benefits & Custom Rolling

Acrotech manufactures a line of One Pass Two Roll Bending Machines.

roll-bendingIf you have large-volume needs for complete or partial cylinders with little or no flats on the ends, our machines will produce your parts quickly and cleanly. This includes polished materials containing large cutouts or perforations!

The Benefits of “One Pass” Two Roll Bending Machines

  • Roll parts with a minimum of flat on the leading and trailing ends for easier welding and better looking parts.
  • Increase production and lower costs because there is no preforming required.
  • Roll perforated and other difficult materials without fluting or kinking. Roll prefinished materials (stainless, aluminum, prepaint, etc.) without damaging parts.
  • Easy set up and operations with excellent repeatability and quick tooling changes.

Custom Rolling

Forget the scheduling headaches and pursue outsourcing your rolled product.

In addition to providing rolled samples, Acrotech offers custom rolling services. If you roll parts sporadically or in small quantities, Acrotech will custom roll them for you! We have several machines and a full selection of tooling readily available to provide quality rolled parts in a timely manner. You’ll be surprised at how economical custom rolling can be with our One Pass Rolling Machines.