Models 1212, 1618, 1824

small-model-roll-bendingEvery model in Acrotech’s unique line of Two Roll Bending Machines is designed and built for production and precision. These machines will roll a variety of materials and configurations into cylinders with virtually no flats on the ends!

Built to meet the demands of production involving small, light gauge parts. Pneumatic lock-up is standard on all models for increased productivity. 120V 1PH standard wiring simplifies installation. 220 or 440V 3PH wiring is also available.

Standard Equipment

  • Floor Stand
  • Motorized Roll Drive
  • Lower Roll Steel Core, Grooved K•Prene® Urethane
  • Manual Quick-Release Lever
  • Single–Lever Roll Engagement – Adjustable
  • Adjustable Feed Table with Finger Guard
  • Guarded Electric Footswitch
  • Pneumatic Lock-up
  • Electricals are UL Compliant

Optional Accessories

  • Tooling Slip on Tubes – when the diameter required is larger than what the top shaft will produce, a Slip-On Tube is used. The tubes are developed per part size and increase the forming diameter capability of the top shaft. Quickly change the tube by simply slipping them on and off the top shaft as needed. A Slip-On Tube will be required for each specific part.
  • Slip-On Tube Support – facilitates removal of finished piece-part. Adjustable in height, this accessory supports slip-on tubes to prevent inching curved cylinders against lower roll when removing finished parts.
  • Small-OD Mounting Fixture – required for rolling parts smaller in diameter than the standard top roll.
  • Small-OD Shaft Assembly – available in various lengths and diameters for rolling material to a diameter smaller than standard top roll. Must be used in conjunction with Small-OD Mounting Fixture. Permits rolling diameters as small as one inch.
Model Acrotech Model Di-Acro Capacity Mild Steel Working Length of Rolls Diameter of Top Roll Diameter of Bottom Roll Rolling Speed f.p.m. Motor hp.
Std. Metric Std. Metric Std. Metric Std. Metric Std. Metric
1212 12 ga. 2.7mm 12″ 305mm 3-1/2″ 88.9mm 9″ 229mm 22 670.6CMPM 1
1618 M1835 16 ga. 1.5mm 18″ 457mm 3-1/2″ 88.9mm 6″ 152mm 15 457.2CMPM 1
1824 18 ga. 1.2mm 24″ 610mm 3-1/2″ 88.9mm 6″ 152mm 15 457.2CMPM 1