Stocked Durometers/Hardinesses

The K•Prene® grades listed below are the materials most often used for metal forming. The type of application, available press tonnage, and characteristics of the metal to be formed will assist in selecting the best grade and size. In addition, the urethane provides a unique combination of properties.

These include: high load-bearing capacity; toughness; hardness; abrasion resistance; and oil and ozone resistance.


K-400A Yellow 40A Durometer

A low durometer material with a high coefficient of friction that will satisfy countless industrial needs such as rollers, bumpers, etc.


K-600A Black 60A Durometer

High coefficient of friction and excellent tensile strength makes this material a good choice for feed rolls and many other industrial applications.


K-800A Orange 80A Durometer

Good tear strength, abrasion resistance and excellent flex life. Good low temperature properties. Requires lower tonnage. Withstands greater deflection. Should not be used for material heavier than 20 gauge mild steel, except in special application. Maximum recommended deflection 35%.


K-900A Blue 90A Durometer

Withstands consistent flexing. Good cut resistance. Good load-bearing capacity. Recommended for most applications where large radius bends or difficult bends require large deflection or flow of K•Prene®. Maximum recommended deflection 25%.


K-950A Red 95A Durometer

High tensile strength for higher blank-holding pressure. High load-bearing capacity. Best tear strength. Best cut resistance. Best abrasion/wear resistance. Recommended for most applications. Maximum recommended deflection 15%.


K-750D Brown 75D Durometer

Great load-bearing capacity. Excellent machinability and abrasion resistance. Offers great rigidity, yet will deflect. Maximum recommended deflection 5%.